She’s one. 

The most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life, turns one in thirty minutes. 

How has it already been a whole year since I gave birth to her.. How am I supposed to make it through this day? 


My daughter is the most incredible little soul. Sure I’m a little bias but seriously, she’s brilliant. At two months old she said “hi” at 4 months she sat up alone, and at 8 months she began walking. She is so much more than I ever deserve. 

Tonight, I filled the hall with balloons, I wrapped presents, and I prepared for her birthday party. Tonight, was the first time I realized, they really don’t stay small forever.

From now on when people ask me how old she is, I’ll say “one” not 1-11 months.. She’s one. A whole year old. 365 days of my life that I wish I could relive a hundred times over. 


Sure, I’m pregnant with my second.. And I’ll have to do this again as he/she turns one, and I’m positive it will be just as hard. And I’ll be just as mushy. And just as exhausted from crying all day. I’ll prepare the snacks. The balloons and the gifts and write the letter. And I’ll sit in bed. And I’ll cry. 

She’s one. I don’t even know what else to say. Mommas.. I know your with me! 

Virtual hugs. 


2 thoughts on “She’s one. 

  1. First birthdays are so hard. I cried for my first sons and I’ll cry for my newest son’s in January. Now it seems like I’ve blinked and my oldest now is 4 and will turn 5 in May and I don’t know where the time has been. I know how your feelin momma. It’s an amazing/loveing/sad feeling all at the same time. Happy Birthday to your little one!


    • Thank you so much! It’s true what they say, don’t blink! They grow up way too fast! I definitely cried the whole day, and again at her party. Such a hard thing to go through, but I can’t wait to see where she goes in life. Bittersweet!

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