I think I grew up today.

I am 23, or at least I am for the next 12 days. I have a beautiful too soon to be one year old, an 11 week old baby in the belly, and I’ve been married two years this December. Somehow, I haven’t really felt like an adult, until today.. 

I don’t know what changed. I woke up the morning, created a new Instagram, deleted all my crazy college drinking pictures off Facebook, changed my Twitter up and just sat there. 

I had a professor tell me (the class really, not me in particular) to be prepared of what parents will think of you when they search my social media once i have my degree. I would not want my first grade class’s parents, to find that picture of me with my shirt lifted bra level showing off a nice permanent marked tribal tattoo from rib cage to hip bone, and smiling with a beer in the other. Oh my gosh. How was that still on there?! How have I gotten a job ever? I was so embarrassed. 

I sat in my home. Looking around. Thinking. Holy smokes. I just grew up. I just deleted my “childlike” existence. Along with the friends I had during that time. (Update: they are still drawing permanent marker tattoos and drinking every night guys.. Seriously.) and the ex, that bought me an engagement ring, and showed me via text message.. (I never actually saw it).. Yeah.. He’s a bartender.. And works with his shirt off.. And is still single.. And probably won’t ever grow up. 

Thank goodness I dumped that guy. 

(Also the one time I am thankful i caught him cheating on me, because that was the only thing that made me go, and somehow that’s when he showed me the ring. Lol) 


I am two semesters from having my degree, and will graduate with two amazing kids cheering me on! Yall, if there’s one thing I know.. Everything I’ve gone through made me who I am today. 
And I’m so glad.. I grew up today. 


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