Pepto.. You know the jingle. 

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion.. I’ll let you finish. 

My first pregnancy was gold, I never was sick, never exhausted, just normal, and big. My biggest obstacle was fitting in small spaces, and I was outside pulling weeds at 38 weeks in the Texas heat! I was pregnant all summer and only complained about heat at night. (I like my room freezing) what the heck is a comforter for anyway. To comfort my cold self!

However.. At 6 weeks pregnant round 2, my how things are different. EVERYTHING  is making me nauseas, my favorite foods, Oreos, drinks, my prenatals.. Everything! 

Luckily, the toilet and I have yet to become friends, and hopefully keeping it that way! 🙈🙊

I’m either freezing or burning up, I’m bawling about everything.. Seriously, Disney channel puppies making me cry. I’m being a total jerk because everything is irritating me. I can’t sleep. And to be honest I’m sick of drinking water but it’s 105 in Texas and I will not be dehydrated on top of the rest of this!

I don’t mean to complain I really don’t mean to. I love that I’m pregnant again! Can’t wait to see the baby in two weeks! But this baby is not being as nice as k was! Maybe it’s a boy, they are stubborn right? 😉 (joking guys) 


I spoke with the obg the other day about finances.. Yay! And the first thing she says is you know vaginal is cheaper than a c section. Oh she got an ear full. You could charge me bars of gold if it saved my babies life! Which it did last time and I will repeat because I can’t give birth naturally! (Dk why my uterus doesn’t play nice come go time) oh man was I spitting fire at her! Probably not the best idea with the woman in charge of my money but what can you do!

today.. my husband and I fought because he was eating cereal too loud.. As I was eating Doritos and pickles, which is probably the same sound, but for some reason the sound of him eating made me want to throw up! Ugh! 

And kamrynn has gotten in a habit of waking up at 4 am and wanting to blow bubbles on my tummy.. Which is cute for the first thirty minutes and then I’m tired. 
Needless to say this pregnancy is taking a toll on me.. It’s 9 pm I’m freezing and I’m going to bed! Night yall!
(Sorry to any guys who read this and was grossed out by the word uterus) 

(Sorry again) 


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