It’s been a while. 

Wow. I never knew just finding out you are pregnant again somehow makes life much more hectic! 


Kamrynn has her second tooth! And she is walking at nine months old! 

We went on a mini vacation last weekend where hubs and I had a blast! We bowled, played putt putt, laser tag, and top golf! We had his aunt as a sitter so we went wild 🙂 it was amazing to rekindle our love a little bit. We don’t always get to get out during the day much less go in many places. We also tried chipotle for the first time! This preggers momma was in heaven! 

Things have been great around here! My husband has been amazing with this pregnancy (last time he was kind of an asshole.) he’s been showing up randomly with my favorite foods, helping me around the house, and trying not to piss me off to the point of no return. 

In my first pregnancy he would always tell me, it was an excuse to act like a crazy woman.. That never ended well for him, he got pretty comfortable with the during those nine months. 

Kamrynn has been a doll, walking, saying baby, waving, learning a new thing literally every day! We are thrilled! 

I registered for all of my classes last week! All down stairs, and great parking! Thank goodness! 

Everything is just peachy around our house lately! And we are loving every bit!


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