Thrilled! Be thrilled with me? 

Today has been a blur of excitement! We found out today I am expecting baby number 2, our lives are changing again, and we couldn’t be happier! 

I ran to Walmart around 2 and sneakily threw a pregnancy test in my basket, and took off. I’m 23 and married and still buying those things is terrifying. I checked out, drove home, and tried to take it. 5 bottles of water later, I sat and waiting as the bars loaded on the tiny gray screen. Two bars left, one bar, pregnant! 

Holy. Moly. My life flashes before my eyes, I’m sitting watching my 9 month old push a basket around the living room scattered with toys. Pregnant. In all caps. 

We were planning. We have been trying, and yet still seeing those words was shocking. Here we go! Ready or not!

I told my husband when he got home with a sign in my daughters room that said “big sister!” He was speechless, and crying! We are pregnant! 

Now comes the fun! How do we tell everyone? 

We decided on a photo of kamrynn and a chalkboard of things to do written. Last one said “become a big sister” and we sent it to everyone. 

Phone calls, texts, Facebook posts! Everyone is so excited! 

One person didn’t reply. And much as I tried not to let it effect me.. Ouch! 

My husbands step mom. His dad texted us and said something along the lines of “we are shocked, given the past, and yall should have planned better.” 

Hmm. Really?! Garrett and I did have a rocky place in our marriage.. Who doesn’t really? But we planned this baby, and our first. 
We knew each other 3 months when we were engaged. A month later we married, a month after that we found out we were pregnant. 18 months after that, here we are! Baby number 2. 

We aren’t rushing, we are carefully planning everything we do. We know how babies are made. 😉 

It breaks my heart to know that she could be so into herself that she can’t find the time to be excited about her second grand baby.. 

Maybe if it was her real son having a child it would be different.. I hate to say that’s how she is. 

I appreciate people who are excited for us! Even complete strangers like my blogger friends! The posts are about to get that much more exciting! 😁 baby number 2. We can’t wait to meet you! 


9 thoughts on “Thrilled! Be thrilled with me? 

  1. re his folks- don’t even worry about them. There’s always gonna be some a-holes in the family that want to b*tch and criticize and bring folks down. Babies are a blessing and I am SO happy for you


  2. Aww! Congratulations!
    I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to let one reaction get you down. Even though it was someone important in your lives, there are so many people who will be ecstatic for you. Focus on them, each other and your children. These moments are precious, no one should be allowed to spoil it.


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