Expecting number #2

Excuse my hideous nails.. But I’m pregnant with my second amazing baby!

It’s early, very early, I’m hardly 4 weeks, just enough to pass a test. But i read once that waiting 12 weeks is a precaution in case something horrible happens. 

I don’t believe in that. I want my support system to be there for me and with me if the unthinkable ever happened. I don’t want to deal with it alone. Ever. How awful 😦

I’m so excited! My husband is thrilled! Our family and friends think we are crazy but they are happy. 😉 

Here we go! Adventure number two! 🎀💙


10 thoughts on “Expecting number #2

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Yes the 12 week marker for announcements is a “just in case” but a lot has to be said for a positive mental attitude! Good luck mama and here’s hoping that your pregnancy is an easy one! 🙂


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