Why are these critters in here?!

Sleepy eyed Momma gets up every morning, puts kamrynn in the living room to play, and goes to let the dogs out. I’m usually rubbing my eyes, not paying attention to anything until I drink my coffee that my beautiful kuerig whips up for me.

This morning, same routine, put kamrynn down, opened the curtains, (I love my house lit up with natural light) and turned around to put my flip flops on. I nearly slid my foot on the biggest spider I have ever seen!!

I want to be kidding, I want this to be like one of the fishing stories, where they talk about how big the fish is.. When really..it was a minnow. 😉 but no. The spider covered the entire bottom of my flip flop. 

So I had a mini heart attack. Killed it. (If you don’t kill spiders, I apologize for that part, but that thing shoulda been taken care of long before it got that big) Thought about how oh my goodness where did it come from. Contemplated if I should stay in this house, or just burn it, the spider and mice and birds down with it. Does it have friends, babies? Are they in my house too?! 

I love my home. We have only been in since January. I just don’t understand. I am not even scared of spiders. If they aren’t on me. But this thing.. Was the chewbaca of spiders! 

I’m going to finish my coffee, along with my shivers of fear going down my spine. Hope everyone’s morning is going better than mine! 


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