It’s 2:30 now. 

Most days during the summer i do pretty much nothing but watch Kamrynn play, and try to teach her to walk. 

We got in to a preschool starting next month, when school starts back up and mommy goes back to work. She’s so advanced I think she might just hurt the infants, but if she walks she will be in the 1 year class.. And that’s where I need her!

Today however, I had a ton of stuff to do. My kitchen was a wreck, I needed groceries, we were running out of clothes, and Kamrynn peed on her favorite blanky.. The only one she will sleep with. 

I got up around 8, with Kamrynn opening my eyes for me, and sat in the recliner eating Oreos for far too long. She was pretty content on her music table so I washed all of the dishes, which was a job let me tell ya!

By then she was playing with something else which gave me time to start laundry, 3 loads done and hung up/folded and it was time to brave Walmart.

Somehow for the first time in the history of this town, I didn’t run into anyone I knew! I had a chatty Kathy cashier but my trip only took around thirty minutes! I think I set a record! 👏 so now it’s 2:30, this is my second blog post, and she is still entertaining herself. Must be a full moon or something. 
She’s 8 months old. Growing up way too fast. She sat up early, said “hi” at 2 months, has been pulling up and crawling for two months, now standing on her own. She blows me away! I took her to my aunts house last week and she crawled up the stairs! She had never even seen stairs before! She says dada all day long, until she cries, and it’s “momma.” I never wanted her to grow up, but I love seeing the new things she does everyday. She is so independent and strong, and SASSY! Lord only knows what she will do next! And I’m down for every adventure!  

Oh and that cut on her nose?! I wish I knew where it came from. 😂



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