Teething nightmare! 

Oh my lawd. It’s so funny how no one ever talks about the things you need to know about most when they speak of parenting, and give advice. No one ever told me that my child would get constipated and I would have to fix it. No one told me shed pinch my nipples at all chances. And no one EVER told me that teething was a frickin nightmare!

We are working on our second tooth, and I thought the first one was bad. At this point, midnight, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops showed up thinking I was beating my child. Seriously, the ear piercing scream is out of control. 

Amber teething necklace? Bought it. Chew beads? Got em! Frozen everything? Yup! Tylenol?! Tried that! Nothing!! Screaming, back bending, kicking momma straight in the ribs baby girl. Yay! 

This is my husbands last night on nights, it’s funny she doesn’t do this when he’s home. Both teeth.. Me. So daddy is like.. What’s the big issue she’s fine.. No says I! 

I’d love to know what you mommas out there use for teething little ones? My Mamaw said vanilla extract is the best, and the only thing keeping me from that is it being in the kitchen. 😂 
So let me know! What helps your little one through the teething process?! Maybe something will work for me!  



3 thoughts on “Teething nightmare! 

  1. Lizzie's View says:

    Well, although I wouldn’t really suggest it, when my daughter (who is 30 now) was teething, I was in the kitchen cooking a Caribbean dish with scotch bonnett pepper – one of the hottest – and when I sat down with her an hour or so later, I began rubbing her gums. She just kept screaming and screaming. That’s when I realized that I had pepper on my fingers! The heat from that pepper is something that doesn’t wash off!! My poor baby!

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