Defensive driving.. 

My goodness, it’s 2 am and I still have an hour left in this crap. These twelve minute breaks are going to be the death of me! Let’s just get it over with, I don’t need a break! I need to be asleep. But noooo, I’m awake, blogging and facebooking when I should be paying attention. 

Truth is, I have the test memorized, and the videos. I’ve done this a time or two. Not that I am proud, but I’m confident!  

The twelve minute breaks and the timer, I should have stated above. I read way faster than whoever designed this crap does. Every second there is ten or fifteen extra minutes I have to sit here because I am finished reading. 😩 That my friends, is extra minutes I am thinking about how sleepy I am, and listening to the growing rumble in my tummy from wanting to snack.

I must not have junk food. I must not have junk food. 
Okay okay, so I ate a ding dong earlier. It was the last one! It was basically begging to be eatin! And I was cleaning out the pantry.. And there is was.. Wanting me. 
Oop! On to the next lesson! Only about an hour of this stuff left! 

See ya mañana 😁


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