Appreciation.. at its.. finest?

“You’ll wake me up at 11:59 instead of 12.” Yeah, if you are wondering how my day is going, thats how my husband told me good morning today. Oh, you’re tired? Please! Try being me for one day. Yeah, i have one month off of school.. to find my sanity again, because I’m pretty sure i lost it 6th period of the last week of school. I wear many hats!

A middle school para: I work at a middle school, where i deal with teenagers and preteens and their changing bodies and their smart mouths. Don’t get me wrong, i love my job, but things get rough when one kid is telling me they are a lesbian and the other is talking about something inappropriate about these pants i am wearing. By 4 pm every day, i am tired, and ill be damned if i am going to go to walmart and have to see those children again! ..until tomorrow.

A full time college student: Yeah, i work at a school full time and i go to school full time.  Double whammy! Good thing i love school huh? I am an education major, elementary education, so, there is your indicator on how much i love middle school.. i want them young, where they still accidentally call me mom, and hug me. Not where they are judging how my makeup and hair look everyday. Anyways, I also love college, i do all of my work online and got a 4.0 last semester!

Itworks distributor: Now this is a job i love! I get to help people feel better in their own skin! Or help them to make their own skin, tighter, and more toned! I also sell vitamins, energy drinks, weight loss pills, stretch mark cream and other things, all of it is all natural! I love talking about it with people and showing them how it changed my body.

FULL TIME MOMMY: How can i be a full time para, student and mommy? Oh, well if you are a mom you totally understand, and if you aren’t, bless you my dear, you will find out. I get home exhausted from whatever my day has held, two finals, and a teachers vs students dodgeball game? And I am mom. Even on lunch when the baby sitter is here, and all day when i am at work thinking and worrying about what my little one is up to. At night i bathe her, usually with me so that i can actually make sure that I get to bathe as well. Give her a bottle and get her ready for bed. I wake up every night with her, however many times, as long as she needs me up. 6 am the next morning, seven days a week, i am up giving her breakfast, and either getting myself ready for work, or getting ready to enjoy a weekend with my little bug playing in front of the TV all day.

Accountant: So i also get to handle all of our bills, and figure out where all the money goes every single month. Also try to calm hubs down every month because he somehow thinks we should be rich, and lets get real, we are in our twenties, no freakin way. All the money i spend on groceries, or diapers, is somehow me being “needy” and wanting too much every month. But hey whatever, the bills are paid, and our daughter is happy.

Full time wife: Oh yes i did go there. I also get to come home and take care of my husband, who I am still not sure can take care of himself though he swears he can. I cook dinner, clean the house, wash the clothes, clean up dinner, bathe the kiddo, make sure the husband has bathed and brushed his teeth, find whatever he is “missing” for the next day of work and then, stay up later than everyone, making sure everyones asleep before i play just a few games of candy crush.

So through all of this, you would think, maybe i was actually a single woman.. right? So what does the husband do? He works, 7 days on 7 days off. He comes home, he might watch the baby while i cook dinner, but usually she ends up crawling on my legs in the kitchen because he isn’t watching her at all. No, he plays on his phone, or he plays video games, because his job is “strenuous” and mine, well, i just sit here and watch tv all day. Right?

I guess what i would love to hear is “i appreciate all the hard work you do” its never going to happen, not from him anyway.. so ill let all the other mommas that are living with the same thing know.. I appreciate you! We are running this country, raising fine humans, and trying our best, everyday! And when you are tired, overworked and just need to, walk out the door as soon as he gets home, and go have a margarita..

Like I am about to do! CHEERS!


2 thoughts on “Appreciation.. at its.. finest?

  1. Good for you, take some time off and go have a drink. I remember the days of being everything to everyone. Its hectic but stay present. The babies grow up and fly away. Then you say ‘now what’


    • Oh I dread the day she is older and leaves home! 😦 she’s already growing up too fast! I don’t mind it most days being everything, some days, I just want a shower lol


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