Star spangled momma ðŸŽ‰ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸

wow. What an incredible weekend we had! July fourth celebrations in my home town are a BIG deal, and if you aren’t partying, you aren’t part of it. A friend of mine I work with now asked me “wow, Fourth of July is a big deal around here, huh?!” Honey, you have no idea. 

The weekend started for my family on Thursday night when we went out and cheated on our diet because we both REALLY wanted Bbq. I ate so much, and well that whole pound I lost last week, I gained it, and a friend back this weekend. 

Friday night is the fireworks! Our town put on a great show, but our friends but on an even better one, shortly after. Everyone goes out to the lake for the city fireworks, and then gets star spangled hammered and do there own show. I had my daughter with me, her FIRST Independence Day celebration, she LOVED the fireworks, and well just being outside in general. 

So after mommy and daddy drank a little too much, we have to get up Saturday morning bright and early for the parade! They shut the whole main road down here for the parade which lasts about an hour. This is the 5th year of my entire life I wasn’t IN the parade, but rather holding my baby girl as everyone waved and threw candy and Popsicles our way. Oh yeah! They still throw candy in our parade, because we can. 

Then mommy and daddy played mud volley ball the rest of the afternoon! Oh boy, what’s better than a little drinkin, a hot sun, and tons of people getting muddy playing volley ball! We had a blast! Although we did lose. We were just excited to go rinse off in the lake and get our duct taped on shoes off our soggy feet. (I’ll have old man feet for days) 

Once we finally left and showered to make ourselves halfway presentable, we went to pick up the kiddos from grandmas house and ended up staying for ribs, corn on the cob, and Potato salad. YUMM! Following that was our own fireworks show, which didn’t last long because, well we thought we lit the neighbors house on fire! 🔥 

Overall, one of the best July fourths I’ve had, and that’s saying a lot seeing the crazy things I’ve done. 
Happy Independence Day bloggers! 

And to all a good night ☺️


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