Hello world!

Ah, where to start? I guess to be polite I should start by introducing myself. My name is Brittne but where I’m from I pretty much just go by Mrs. McDonald these days. I’m tall, brunette, and the momma of a beautiful baby girl, oh! Also the wife to a hardworking, wonderful man. I have 3 dogs, and one 8 month old, so life gets a little hectic around here. I also live in my hometown, things here are naturally pretty crazy, especially if you go to Walmart after 7pm.. Woah! I usually have a lot to say and no one to listen, so here you go internet. You get to listen to my inner thoughts, about, just about everything. I’ll try to keep it PG. 😉

so what brings me to blog world? Well it’s midnight, baby and hubs are both snoring and I am wide awake thinking about nothing in particular and maybe dreading the 3 mile walk I just planned first thing in the morning. That, and I just started portion control, and well, I’m starving, and could really go for a ton of calories right now.

So follow me on my fitness journey, my crazy home life, random grocery store fun facts, and possibly some random “I think I’m a photographer” post! Guarantee if nothing else, you’ll at least get a chuckle for the day. 🙂


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